Perseverance, transversality, sensitivity and the levity of the Italian Way of Living.


Our fabrics float lightly in the air, accompanying, respecting and enhancing the wearer’s shape.
Sinuous, comfortable shapes that let the body breathe and dance.

We dress a determined, life-loving person with a touch of sensuality.
Natural fabrics with which each of our creations becomes an artefact.


We believe in colour.

So each of our palettes will be inspired by the beautiful beauty of Puglia: vivid, strong and exciting colours.

As in the Pizzica, an overture of chromatic beats that pushes adrenalin into the heart:

the reds of love, the whites of lace, the greens of the fruit of the olive trees, the burnt earth, the peaceful blue of the sky, the intense black of swirling skirts, the golden yellow of happiness.

For us, dressing up is like eating a plate of spaghetti with linseed or discovering an abandoned farmhouse: a multi-sensory experience.


Noora B accompanies the commercialization of completely sustainable products.

It all starts with the production of Renewable Energy through the Biogas process.
The waste from the anaerobic process of Biogas creates added value: “digestate”.
Used to fertilise our land, it makes 100% sustainability possible.

Our companies strive to create products that are healthy and at the same time good for the environment and the body.
The link between healthy eating and physical and mental health is inseparable, which is why it is essential to choose carefully and attentively what we eat and we producers what we offer on the market.


We firmly believe in a conscious world, which is why each of our creations is created from 100% Italian and sustainable, stock service, organic fabrics.

Our strength is in awareness.
Our inspiration comes from the land where our company is based: Apulia.


In the heart of the Gargano, the upper part of Puglia and, in particular, in Manfredonia, a town founded by King Manfredi of Swabia, son of Bianca Lancia D’Agliano and Frederick II of Swabia, a place rich in history and culture.

Contrada Pariti di Caniglia area P.I.P. Industriale-Lotto 46
71043 Manfredonia (FG) – Italy
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